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Live Baby Live is rethinking the world so it can work for every body. We empower people living with a neuromuscular disease and their loved ones to thrive.

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For individuals living with neuromuscular disease, and their families and caregivers, Live Baby Live is a trusted, go-to partner that empowers them to thrive.

We provide practical resources and support designed to improve the quality of their everyday lives, and are working to build a movement to bring public awareness and systemic change to the various challenges

they face.

We’re a community of individuals with deep personal experience and expertise working with neuromuscular disease, who believe that together, we can make our everyday world work for every body.​


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What we're building
A movement
for change


that spreads awareness and mobilizes support through our annual giveathon and advocacy campaigns.



from people who have lived through it. In the form of easy-to-use guides that help families navigate complex challenges to save time, money and minimize stress.

An educational retreat


in the western United States that reinvigorates caregivers and families, and empowers people with chronic conditions to have fulfilling lives and careers.



that brings partners and ideas together to inspire groundbreaking change to the daily lives and quality of life of the accessibility community.

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